Indiana Men Who Enlisted in Company B 1st Dragoons During the War with Mexico

These men were recruited by Lt. John Love, 1st Dragoons, in the Spring of 1847. Most of the men enlisted for the duration of the war with Mexico. A few signed up for 5 year enlistments.

Within a 3-4 months of their enlistments and after only minimal training, they were involved in a fight with the Comanche at a place on the Santa Fe Trail known as the Coon Creeks. After their arrival in Santa Fe, these men were hastily trained as field artillery and fought at the Battle of Santa Cruz de Rosales on 16 March 1848.

Name Birthplace Plave & Date of recruitment Remarks

DEMAREE, Isaac; Adams, Pa.; Madison, Ind. Feb. 5, 1847 In confinement, Jefferson Barracks, May 2, 1847; Discharged Santa Fe, N.M. Aug. 19, 1848

DUNBAR, Louis; Johnson, Ind.; Madison, Ind. Blacksmith Mar. 27, 1847 Deserted sentry post and confined to guardhouse December 8, 1847 sentence remitted; discharged Santa Fe, N.M. August 19, 1848

ELKINS, Martin; Logan Co., Va.; Madison, Feb. 5, 1847 Laborer Discharged Mar. 22, 1851 for disability; Rayado, N.M.

GARDNER, Anthony; Bartholomew, Ind.; Madison, Feb. 22, 1847 Laborer Died, Nerwport Barracks, March 27, 1847

GASKIL, George; Edinburgh, Ind. Clerk; Lafayette, Apr. 17, 1847 Killed in action, Coon Creeks, Kansas Territory June 26, 1847

GIBSON, George; Perry Co., Ky. Mar. 7, 1847 Clerk, Indianapolis Promoted to corporal. Discharged Santa Fe, N.M. August 19, 1848.

GEORGE, John W.; Bountville, Tenn; Feb. 23, 1847, Indianapolis Physician

HAHASEY, Michael; Limerick, Ireland; Indianapolis Mar. 16, 1847 Farmer Discharged March 19, 1848, Santa Fe, N.M.

HAZEL, Wm; Kent, Delaware; March 22, 1847, Farmer Indianpolis Discharged August 19, 1848, Santa Fe, N.M.

HARPER, John; Green, Ohio; Mar. 22, 1847, Farmer Indianapolis Died December 13, 1847, Alburqueque, N.M.

HOUSE, Albert; April 9, 1847, Lafayette Deserted Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, June 7, 1847

JONES, Wm. ; Manchester, England; Mar. 17, Shoemaker Madison Dischareged, Santa Fe, N.M. August 19, 1848

LANG, Jonathon; Ohio; Madison, Ind., Feb. 23, 1847, Laborer; Discharged disability, Sept. 1, 1848, Santa Fe, N.M.

LEWIS, Geo. W. ; Boyce, Ky.; Madison, Feb. 15, 1847, Laborer Discharged, Los Lunares, N.M., Feb. 15, 1852

LEAVERTON, Wm. ; Indianapolis; Mar 7, 1847, Laborer; Indianapolis Discharged disability, Chihuahua, Mexico, July 11, 1848

McCOLE, Silas; Indianapolis, March 27, 1847

POWELL, Jepha; Kentucky; Indianapolis, Mar. 16, 1847, Farmer; Wounded at Santa Cruz de Rosales, Mexico, March 16, 1848; Discharged August 18, 1848, Santa, Fe, N.M.

PUTERBAUGH, Adam ; Green, Ohio; Indianapolis, Feb. 16, 1847. Blacksmith; Discharged disability, October 22, 1849, Taos, N.M.

TURNER, Dempsey; Kentucky; Madison, Feb. 16, 1847, Laborer; Died, December 23, 1847, Albuqueque, N.M.

WALKER, G.W.; Franklin, Ind.; Indianapolis, Mar. 27, 1847, Farmer; Died Chihuahua, Mexico, March 27, 1848

WARD, Thomas ; Delaware; Lafayette, April 12, 1847, Cooper; Discharged, Santa Fe, N.M. August 19, 1848

WOOLSEY, Philander; New York; Lafayette, April 10, 1847, Laborer Discharged August 19, 1848, Santa Fe, N.M.

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