Stanton to Love June 8, 1847: A Deserter is Captured

Company B left Ft. Leavenworth on 7 June 1847, under the command of Lt. John Love. He was under orders to take the troop to escort the paymaster and his wagons to Santa Fe. On that date, troopers John Stein and Albert House deserted from the company. They headed to the nearby town of Westport hoping to gain passage on a passing steamboat. On the evening of 8 June, trooper Stein was apprehended by a Dragoon detachment, brought back to the fort and placed in confinement. Prior to his capture, he had managed to sell his Aston Pistol and forage cap to a civilian He was charged the cost of these items (forage cap $.90 and pistol $8.00). Trooper House, recruited 9 April, 1847, in Lafayette, Indiana, by Lt. John Love, made good his escape and disappears from Army records.

Trooper Stein, who had been recruited by Lt. Leonadis Jenkins in St. Louis on 14 january 1847, was sent West to rejoin his troop. On 16 December 1847, the trooper was ordered by Major Benjamin Beall to report to his company in Albuquerque. Stein failed to report and also sold his Army overcoat. He was court-martialed on 16 January 1848, given fifty lashes, had his head shaven and ordered to perform hard labor.

More details on the background of Lieutenants John Love. Leonadis Jenkins and Henry Stanton as well as the 1847-48 military expeditions of Company B appear through out this blog.

Fort Leavenworth June 8th 1847

Dear Love

I have got this man Stein safely lodged in the Guard House with a ball and chain appending to his pedal extremity. I heard of his being held in Westport and sent a party after him just before Retreat to night. I learned that the other man was in or near Westport. I have accordingly dispatching a party after him and hope to have him by morning.

In looking over my Returns I find that I have omitted to put in the receipt you gave me for the 25 sets of Horse Equipage with 25 gun buckets and straps. I wish you would insert them in the Invoice I gave you. I will put it in the Receipts you gave me as I will not have time to wait for anything from you to do so. I hope you will update it. I have just got orders to go to Jef Bark to relieve Jenkins who will perhaps go to Galena. If he does not I am order to join my company.



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